Thursday, December 16, 2010

Of Hangers Tudung [misc]

Wants separate purchasing. Don't worry, we have it for you ;-)
Nak beli asing-asing? Jangan risau, pilihlah yang mana satu ;-)

1. Code: HGR02
Price: MYR 12 (postage not included)

2. Code: HGR03 (Clip Hanger)
Price : MYR 1.50 per piece (postage not included)

Clip Hanger - Suitable for Syria, Instant Hijab and can manage 2-3 hijab at once. Example below



Code: HGR04 (mini hanger)
Price: MYR 0.40 per piece

Suitable for shawl/ tudung bawal
Buy 20 pcs and get free 2 pcs!!

Orders are taken at all time, meaning it's

Happy buying, peeps!!